KPI Examples: 12 Important Ones Across The Entire Org Chart

A key performance indicator (KPI) measures how effective a company’s efforts are at improving their chances of attaining targeted goals. Every time a new target is set, it’s wise and customary to set trackers that monitor if you’re getting closer to the target over time. It’s possible to set and monitor KPIs across any company’s organizational chart, including software companies. This post highlights a few KPI examples across the sales, marketing, digital transformation, and software delivery departments.

Before we dive into the specific KPIs, let’s quickly acknowledge that measuring KPIs across crucial areas of a business adds to its overall business intelligence efforts. Operating a business that is oblivious to progress towards its goals is synonymous with walking in the dark without a torch.

Now that you have some idea of what KPIs are and their importance, let’s explore some important examples across a modern company’s departments.

Sales KPI Examples

1. New Customers

2. Customer Turnover Rate

3. Relative Market Share

Growth in relative market share indicates success across the board, whereas reduced market share indicates a negative net effect.

Marketing KPI Examples

1. Monthly New Leads

2. Monthly Website Traffic

3. Engagement Rate

Digital Transformation KPI Examples

1. Software Tool Usage

2. User Satisfaction

3. ROI From New Software Applications

Software Delivery KPI Examples

1. Automated Tests Performed

2. Reviewed Requirements

3. Known Bugs

Overall Impact Of These KPIs

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